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*Brando has been mated with a promising bitch Eagle Owl's Nefertem --if you get interested contact Maarit in kennel Middleriver's



*Sylvi has been mated in April with SJ(J)CH SJ(A)CH Streamlight´s Morse in Sweden, and she will be ultrasounded on week 19. We hope to have nice puppies in June :)
*Ilo takes good care of her five male puppies in kennel Darkwater's :) !



*Sylvi has started her season, and will be mated next week :) We still wait for a confirmation of a gene test to publish her mate.....
*Lekking Ladies had their debyt in Pirkan damit happening, and got lots of experience, some success and had a nice day :) Myra started her season, and they were replaced with Elisa & Keke --thanks for joining us !



Latest News :)
*BRANDO FTCH! He got his third certificate (SERT) on 11th February in Asikkala (judges Anders Carlsson from Sweden and Antti Nurmi from Finland), and now he is FI KVA-FT FI & SE KVA Polarfischer Brando :)
*Sylvi's puppy plan is proceeding, and I will soon announce her mate ;) Her season is starting anytime from now....
*Hila and Heli, Myra and Katri & Sisu and Alisa from Sylvi's first litter are presenting kennel Lekking in Pirkan Damit -happening in about two weeks in team "Lekking Ladies" ;)



*Puppies expected in kennel Allihuupan! Blackthorn Columba "Gita" was mated with Brando yesterday, more info here
*Polarfischer Aimee (in Germany) has been mated with FTCH Searover Tings Dalzier, yellow puppies expected in early March. More info from Kennel Polarfischer
*We plan a second litter of kennel Lekking for Polarfischer Crispie in early summer 2011, more information soon in my web pages :)
*Ilo has started her season today, and more about her puppy plan in kennel Darkwater's you can read here



In mid November we represented Finland in Individual Challenge Cup in Germany. In semifinals we succeeded very nicely on third place among 19 dogs with Excellent. In the final our destiny was wrong bird on first retrieve, but in general I was happy about Brando's performance during the long trip ;) .... Results of the ICC are here



Jihuu! team Finland won for the first time Nordic Champioships (Mocktrial ) on Saturday 23rd October! Brando did an excellent day, and we qualified for the international fiel trial for Sunday. Some more luck needed then, but I am happy for his way of working also on Sunday.... Results of the weekend are here
And some photos can be seen on the links found this site
Congratulations to Esa and Tuisku for individual Nordic Championship 2010, and to Tomas & our first litter father Scottie (S & NJCH Hillus Drake) for their second place!!


Rautalampi, international field trial 9. and 10. October 2010 (judges Miso Sipola and Fille Exelmans): on Saturday we were kept up almost to the end until we were "a kind of" eye-wiped, so no result. On Sunday only three dogs finalized the trial with result --we got second with "Very Good". Good feelings to go on the season ;)


Long way to Luleå, Sweden --An international field trial, "Good" for Brando there...


Vera and Sylvi; you did it again, AVO1 and winner class is calling whenever you will be ready for it :) Brando's son Jummi-Jammin Clint Eastwood got his first VOI1 -prize (1st prize in cold game test in winner class) --congratulations Juha & Nuutti :)


Congratulations Vera and Sylvi for your first AVO1 -prize (middle class, 1st prize) in cold game test!


Our way in Finnish Retriever Championships this year ended up literally to the sea, when Heli slipped in the water and Brando turned back from water blind to rescue his handler :) Congratulations to Potsi and Janne, Champions of 2010! Photos of the Saturday here
and some more also here :)


Brando started his field trial season, result A1, first place with SERT :)


Puppy meeting for After-litter last Sunday :) Photos of the day here



Long time no updates! Busy, hot summer turns to the autumn with new things ahead. Here are the results for Brando for summer 2010:
*two times VOI1 (first prize in winner/open class) in cold game tests (19.6. in Laukaa and 4.7. in Leppävirta), once second prize VOI2 (in Hauho 14.8.2010).
*Second in Labrador Championships in Laukaa (judges Mrs. Anja Möller, Mr. Joerg Mente, Mr. John Kahlow and Mr. Derrick Capel) 7.-8.8.2010
*Results for the IWT 2010 in Norway here



Team Finland for Nordic Championships in October 2010:
*EM-08 FI KVA FI-KVA-FT SE KVA NM-05 Usvalammen Roihu & Esa Valkonen
*FI & SE KVA Polarfischer Brando & Heli Siitari
*NM-08 PM-08 NM-09 FIN KVA FIN KVA-FT DK KVA-FT Eagle Owl's Fobos & Janne Lähteenaro
*FI KVA Blackthorn Bion & Tomi Sarkkinen
*(FI KVA) Namusillan Maakotka & Teijo Kostian



Kaikilla pennuilla on oma koti :) All the puppies have found their new homes :)



Rohkea ja reipas Sylvin ja Scottyn musta poikapentu (8 viikkoa) etsii aktiivista kotia äkillisen peruuntumisen vuoksi! Brave and lively black male puppy (8 weeks) from Sylvi x Scotty looking for home!



We congratulate Brando's offspring for their great results: Jummi-Jammin Clint Eastwood AVO1 in Närpiö and Usvalammen Vesihiisi AVO1 & Gun's Choice in Hirvensalmi (first prizes in middle class in cold game tests for both) :) Nice work also by Tomi & Etta (J-J Goldie Hawn) in working tests in May! Special congratulations to Brando's brother Bode (P. Bismarck) for his FI KVA & FI KVA-FT titles! Super :)



Results of working test in Korpilahti on 13th May, Brando got second! Previouos weekend in Pieksämäki we failed on one stage, so no result.



Täällä voit käydä ihailemassa Early's of Witney ja Cosipet-tuotteita jo nyt :) Saat ne kauttani!



Puppies are growing and Sylvi is a very good mother :)

Olemme kehittämässä toimintaa, ja olen saanut ihastuttavien Early's of Witney -koiramanttelien jälleenmyynin :) Saat myös Cosipetin hauskat takit pikkukoirille sekä käytännölliset vahakangas- ja tikkitakit isommillekin koirille sopivaan hintaan :) laitan pian linkit tälle sivulle --tervetuloa tutustumaan! Olemme aloittamassa Skinner's koiranruokavalikoiman maahantuonnin --ota yhteyttä ja tilaa esite, jos kiinnostuit :)



Nice Easter behind --thank you all attending our training ---great fun in sunshine ;) Sylvi's belly is getting bigger and bigger, everything is going fine :) You can follow our days in blog which you can find here



Exciting times in many ways, but at least Sylvi is feeling very pregnant and she is hungry all the time :)) We'll see...



Sylvi was in ultrasound yesterday and --YES ---puppies expected in mid April :))



Last week Brando was mated with Glenbriar Kerry of Elsasin.
Kerry is living in kennel Elsasin



Photo's from Friday's trial by Maarit Nikkanen here
Results for Friday in Kalkkinen here
and results for Saturday in Janakkala here



A busy time behind...Sylvi was mated successfully in Sweden last week --thank you Madeleine and Tomas for your hospitality during our stay in your place! Brando entered field trials on Friday and Saturday in Finland --On friday result A3 (good) (he was eye-wiped) and on Saturday after a nice start he was just suddenly out and with no result



Sylvi has started her season, and if everything will be fine in her life, she will be mated in about two weeks :)



Hrrrr it is so cold here! Still on Tuesday we had a national field trial --Bode-brother won and got his third certificate (SERT) --congratulations Esa & Bode and good look (and luck) for the show rings;)) Brando did OK work, and got A1 (excellent).

Go and see photos from this ICE-trial from Maarit Nikkanen's album
All the results here



I'm still waiting for Sylvi to start her season --mating seems to delay from the original plan, but we will see... New decade has begun with picking ups, and some field trials are still to go if we are healthy etc :)

(Below is an announcement about training possibility in Finnish:)

A- ja WT-tyyppinen treenipäivä pitkäperjantaina 2.4.2010 Jyväskylän ympäristössä ALO-AVO-VOI -tasoisille koirille

Kouluttajina Anu Knuutinen, Heli Siitari, Esa Valkonen ja Pasi Pöppönen. Koulutuksen hinta 40 eur / koirakko, kuunteluoppilaat 30 eur. Ryhmäkoko rajoitettu. Ilmoittautumiset 19.3.2010 mennessä s-postiin Tiedustelut samasta osoitteesta :) Tervetuloa!

16.12. 2009

Merry Christmas for everyone visiting my home page! Year 2009 has been a year for learning in all areas, and I wish to thank people around me for all the help and support. With Brando we succeeded pretty well (he was healthy through the year, and our major achievements for 2009 include: Second in Finnish retriever championships, 3 x A1 in field trials including 1 x SERT and twice placed as second, 4 x VOI1 in cold game tests and 3 x VOI1 in working tests twice winning the test and once the second). Furthermore, Brando got several Gun's Choice prizes during the season, which makes me really happy :)

Waiting for Sylvi's season to begin -and a happy new year 2010 ---all the best wishes Heli

07.12. 2009

Polarfischer-brothers Bode (P. Bismarck) and Brando were the two best dogs in a field trial in Ähtäri on Saturday, both with result A1 (excellent), Bode winning with SERT and Brando second with Gun's Choice :)


30.11. 2009

End of the week was busy with pre-X-mas parties, picking up and trainings --thanks friends for such a nice walk-up training yesterday ;)

16.11. 2009

I attended Finnish Kennel Club breeder course during the weekend (breeding advisory course I have passed some years ago already ;), and now I can apply my own kennel name :)

09.11. 2009

International field trial in Janakkala and Mäntsälä -- eye-wipe on both days was our destiny (on Saturday Brando wanted desperately to go back instead of left, on Sunday the judge eye-wiped us and another dog as well on the second bird...). In any case Brando was calm and nice otherwise on Sunday although the situation was extremely hot :). Pictures from the trial on kennel Middle River's homepage


05.11. 2009

Link to Brando's offspring gallery added in Brando's page, see offspring gallery


04.11. 2009

Link to Sylvi's puppy pages added, see puppies

01.11. 2009

Three days intensive picking-up and training behind --special thanks to Pete and Jorma for organizing Sunday's group training and to EVa for standing me during the car drives from place to another ;)

22.10. 2009

*Sylvi will be mated in early 2010 with S(j)JCH NJCH Hillus Drake, "Scotty", a yellow labrador male imported from Scotland and living in Sweden in kennel Scottmoor
*Scotty in Swedish database (link)
*More information soon on Puppies page :)
On Sunday Usvalammen Vedenneito got the second prize in wt (ALO2), and Namusillan Metsäkorte passed BH-test ;)


14.10. 2009

Brando's "Usvalammen" daughters excelled in tests during the weekend: Vesipeto NOU1 (retriever test passed) and Vedenneito was the best of 19 dogs in a working test, beginner class, with result ALO1 (excellent, 81 p) -Wau :)


05.10. 2009

Brando's offspring in cold game tests: Jummi-Jammin Clint Eastwood AVO1 (first prize in open class), J-J Robert De Niro ALO1 (first prize in beginner) --father is proud of you, sons :)


01.10. 2009

Some photos by Tuija from previous Saturday training here


28.09. 2009

Early wake-ups in the mornings (well... earlier than during the working days!), sunny weekend behind with training in nice surroundings! Special thanks to Pete for organizing Saturday and cocker-Hilla for her special duty ;)
Brando's daughter Namusillan Metsäkorte has succeeded very well in obedience tests by getting result TOKO ALO1 (beginner class, first prize) on both days during the weekend --Nice work and congratulations :)


22.09. 2009

Some cold game test results for Brando's offspring: Namusillan Kielo ALO3 (third prize in beginner class) & Gun's Choice, Jummi-Jammin Clint Eastwood AVO2 (second prize in open (middle) class ;) Congratulations Namusillan Metsäkorte for passing retriever test :)

Planned break for Brando in tests, and training, training....


18.09. 2009

Congratulations brother-Bode and Esa for your first place in the national field trial and SERT :) I interrupted with brother-Brando --effort for the future I hope! Results

Brando's eyes were checked yesterday, and he is PRA/HC/RD free


15.09. 2009

I just updated Brando's working results and modified his own page a little


14.09. 2009

We attended an international field trial in Katrinehom, Sweden with Anna & Lyra (Jyckegården's Clever Lyra). Brando had no luck at all in our first retrieve, so our competition was unfortunately over already at the first steps of this trial. Anna and Lyra however finalized on third place ---life goes on ;)


10.09. 2009

A result from previous weekend:
Brando's "puppy" Namusillan Kanerva has passed retriever test --Nice work! And the father himself was a bit coltish in a first marking in cold game test, so his handler decided to interrupt the test ;)


02.09. 2009

Results open national field trial (in Janakkala, 12 dogs, judges Anders Carlsson and Miso Sipola)
1. A1 (excellent) + SERT Blackthorn Bion & Tomi Sarkkinen
2. A1 (excellent) Polarfischer Brando & Heli Siitari
3. A1 (excellent) Starcreek Grendel & Janne Lähteenaro
4. A2 (very good) Polarfischer Bismarck & Esa Valkonen

it was a day with plenty of birds and nice feelings :) --all the results here


31.08. 2009

Brando's offspring, wt-results from this weekend, beginner class

Saturday: Usvalammen Vesihiisi, ALO1 84 points, 2. place, Judge's Choice; Jummi-Jammin Robert De Niro, ALO2 69 points; Sunday: Jummi-Jammin Robert De Niro, ALO1 79 points, Judge's Choice; Namusillan Kielo, ALO0 47 points; Vera & Sylvi in open class, Saturday AVO2 (57 points), and on Sunday unfortunately no results (AVO0) --Congratulations!


30.08. 2009

One week ago Brando was mated with Glenbriar Kerry of Elsasin.
Kerry is living in kennel Elsasin


09.08. 2009

:) Training, training, training, sauna and sun --great fun! Namusillan Kielo ALO1 (first prize in beginner class, cold game test) and Jummi-Jammin Clint Eastwood AVO3 (third prize in open class, cold game test) --congratulations!


05.08. 2009

Nice weekend in Polvijärvi --thanks to all friends ;) Labrador Championships and Derby results are here

After the first day we were on the shared second place (90 / 100 p), but Brando, still recovering from a viper bite about a week before, lost some points on Sunday (he was a bit tired and thus uneffective), and we finalized on shared 8th place (out of altogether 50 dogs). Congratulations to all placed dogs & handlers, especially to brother Bode & Esa :)


29.07. 2009

Congratulations Tomi & Etta (Jummi-Jammin Goldie Hawn, daughter of Brando) for first prize in beginner class (cold game, ALO1)!


20.07. 2009

Brando's son Jummi-Jammin Jack Nicholson has passed retriever test in Antskog --congratulations! Sylvi left without a result in her first cold game test in AVO (middle)-class, but com'on Vera, you are a great team :)


18.07. 2009

Brando today in Laukaa, cold game test VOI2 (second prize in winner class) --super, Esa & Bode (Brando's brother) (P. Bismarck) got his third VOI1 (first prize in winner), and only show result is missing from his FI KVA title :)


12.07. 2009

Working test in Rantsila: Brando won the winner class both on Saturday (96/100 points, VOI1) and on Sunday (97/100 p, VOI1), and was Judge's Choice on both days (judges Roger Westerman and Sören Swärdh, Sweden) (results)


08.07. 2009

Sylvi (Polarfischer Crispie) has had her season recently, and at this point she will be mated in January. I'm seeking for a suitable mate for her now :) . Vera & Sylvi will start their B-test season in two weeks in open (middle) class, and their progress seems promising (photos)


05.07. 2009

Brando and his brother Bode (Polarfischer Bismarck, he was Gun's Choice, too!) both got the first prizes in winner class (VOI1 in cold game test) in Leppävirta, cheers to Esa for Tuisku's first prize as well ;-). Brando's sons Usvalammen Vesihiisi & Folven One And Only, as well as his daughter Usvalammen Vesikiitäjä passed retriever test (NOU1 -result) this weekend, and his daughter Namusillan Kielo got the second prize (ALO2) in beginner class in cold game test --congratulations :) (Results)


27.06. 2009

It's a long long way to Oijärvi in northern Finland, but worth of it: pleasant journey and a result VOI1 (first prize in winner class) in a cold game test for Brando

22.06. 2009

Nice mid-summer fest --trainings in many locations over the central Finland --photos from one of the trainings in the gallery of kennel Middle River's

13.06. 2009

Brando today: VOI1 (first prize in winner class) in a cold game test in Liperi ;)

10.06. 2009

Usvalammen Vedenneito passed retriever test yesterday --Brando congratulates his daughter :)


08.06. 2009

Brando started his B-test (cold game) season in Siilinjärvi yesterday, and our result was VOI2 in a demanding test (Results). Brando's son "Edi" Jummi-Jammin Robert De Niro was the best dog in B-test (beginner class, result ALO1) in Laukaa --and the test was the first both for the handler Anne and Edi-- great job!! Congratulations to Brando's daughter Usvalammen Vesipisara for passing retriever test :)


01.06. 2009

Sylvi and Vera started for their first time in open (middle) class in working test, and they got a very nice result AVO2 (very good)--well done!-- Here the results. Congratulations Brando's son Jummi-Jammin Clint Eastwood "Nuutti" and Juha for the first prize (ALO1) in your first cold game test ---no hurry for the next level :)


25.05. 2009

Working test in Laukaa 21st May: Brando finished on shared fifth place ---Congratulations Esa and brother Polarfischer Bismarck --the winner of the day ;) Find the results here!


17.05. 2009

Working test in Siilinjärvi yesterday: winner Esa Valkonen & Usvalammen Roihu 86 points, second Brando and me with 84 points, third Tomi Sarkkinen & Blackthorn Bion 75 points. And Brando's daughter Namusillan Kielo passed retriever test yesterday --congratulations!


10.05. 2009

Again here ;) I have finally updated Brando's and Sylvi's pages with some new trial and health results (Brando is both RD/OSD and NARC clear, and in the data base there are some nice health results of his offspring, Sylvi became SECOND in a famous unofficial "Mäntän Talvinome" -test in March --congratulations Vera and Sylvi!). And this weekend they have attended Mark & Jamie Bettinson's training in Eagle Owl's Gundog weekend. On 1st of May we had a really nice training day in Savo --thank you Taru and Veijo for organizing such a nice day, and thanks all fellows, too, for keeping me happy ;)) Brando and me attended a working test on 18th April in Kemiö, but we failed in the last task, so this time we did not get any result. Training is in progress, and from this weekend onwards several weekends have been booked for trials and training (for ourselves and the others) --and I promise to be more active in updating my homepage, as well :) P.S. Thank you for Lady Enegren of Saviaho Manor and Lady Knuutinen-Pöppönen for the nice riding session before retriever training one week ago :)


17.02. 2009

Brando started this year by winning a field trial in Hyvinkää with result A1 (excellent) + SERT :)
You can read the results here


17.02. 2009

Brando's and Sylvi's pages updated




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